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Trusts In Guernsey

Avoiding the pressure of short term market distractions

With the ever changing political and economic global landscape, Mike Farley, Global Head of Fiduciary Investment Services at ZEDRA - Jersey, discusses the considerations...
Offshore Jurisdictions

Onshore Vs Offshore Jurisdictions – Is There Really A Battle?

Over the past few months the issue of offshore jurisdictions and the role they play in the global economy has come under extreme scrutiny, especially from onshore governments seeking to increase tax revenues. The recent Panama Papers Leak has only served to fuel the flame and has resulted in more people who know very little or nothing at all about offshore jurisdictions calling for their demise.
Worldwide Disclosure Facility

Worldwide Disclosure Facility: Offshore Assets Last Chance

Last week HMRC launched the new Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) – a new online facility which provides a ‘last chance’ to those who want to disclose a UK tax liability that relates wholly or partly to offshore interests. Unlike previous facilities, the WDF offers very little in the way of carrot, and rather more in the way of stick given the new sanctions that are set to be introduced in 2018.

The Stiglitz Factor

Now we have the unfortunate resignation in August of Messrs. Stiglitz and Pieth from the Panama Papers committee, an embarrassment to the Panamanian government and which has been widely covered by television, blogs and newspapers.

Cayman Islands LLC Law Now in Force

The Cayman Islands now offers a new form of corporate vehicle, the limited liability company (“LLC”). An LLC is a hybrid vehicle combining many of the key characteristics of existing Cayman Islands companies and limited partnerships.
Limited Liability Companies

The Cayman Islands Introduces Limited Liability Companies

The Cayman Islands Limited Liability Companies Law, 2016 (the “LLC Law”) has now been enacted and will be brought into force by a separate commencement order which is expected to be published later this month.
Confidential Relationships Law

Cayman Islands: Confidential Relationships Law To Be Repealed

The Government of the Cayman Islands has this week gazetted a bill to repeal the statute that has frequently – and mistakenly – been described as Cayman’s banking secrecy law.

The Single Family Office In 2016

Jim Edmondson of Mourant Ozannes discusses the SFO in regards to the Panama Papers, effective set up, current developments causing challenges and opportunities and the hidden issues that come with the running one.
Tax haven

Eric Crawford: Jamaica Will Not Be A Tax Haven

In the context of the Panama Papers expose' and their implications, you queried the timeliness of Jamaica's plans to establish "offshore financial services business", sought insight into the "Government's thinking" on how Jamaica will proceed, and questioned whether it still sees this industry "as a feasible option". You asserted that if the "rules are changed" (presumably as a consequence of the Panama Papers), the legislative framework may require rethinking and a redefinition of our strategy.

Offshore Taxation: What jurisdictions are currently important to your work?

We caught up with offshore taxation practitioners to find out which jurisdictions are currently important to them.