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Panama Papers

The Good, The Bard and the Ugly

The relevance of William Shakespeare in western lives has come to the fore in 2016 as we commemorate the 400th anniversary of his death....

Non-Dom Reform: A Guide

https://youtu.be/kpqPPjGrK3M In this exclusive webinar, chartered accountant and tax consultant with Mark Davies & Associates discusses the three key elements in former-Chancellor George Osbourne’s reforms...
Brexit Tax

What Does A Post-Brexit Tax System look like?

Brexit represents a conundrum for tax policy-makers. On the one hand, leaving Europe provides the opportunity to abandon EU restrictions on the UK tax system,...
Transcontinental Trust International Forum

Summary: Transcontinental Trusts International Forum 2016

The Transcontinental Trust: International Forum 2016, “Private Client TransTrust”, just concluded on Tuesday 10th May at the Fairmont Southampton Princess.

The Top 5 Reasons To Consider Dual Citizenship

Every individual should be entitled to basic freedoms, without discrimination. These include, among others, freedom from degrading or unequal treatment, freedom of thought and of expression, and freedom of movement and travel.
Sovereign Society

60 seconds with… Ted Baumann, Sovereign Society

Speaking from a U.S. perspective, the main issue is the broadening of the market for emigration support services to include many people who had never thought about it previously and who are starting from scratch, as it were.

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Ten Old Square

60 seconds with Richard Dew, Ten Old Square

There is a wide spread perception that the number of new trusts being created – here and offshore – is reducing. This, combined with increasingly complex (and unnecessary) regulation and transparency requirements, means that it can be foreseen that the market for trust services is likely to contract, leading to less trust disputes.
Gilead Cooper QC

Pen Portrait: Gilead Cooper QC

Ahead of the 2016 International Trusts & Private Client Forum in Guernsey, Gilead Cooper QC shares his personal pen portrait.
Michael Byrne

60 seconds with… Michael Byrne, UK Director, Wealth-X

There has been a concentration of Wealth in NYC, London and Tokyo which now account for 1 in 10 of all homes of the global UHNW population, yet perhaps based on political strain; we have seen a fall in overall numbers in the UK.