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Brexit – What The Rich Could Expect?

What does Brexit mean for UHNWIs in Britain? Who knows – it very much depends on what Theresa May’s vision of Britain outside the EU will be. There is a global need for what we can offer, but we need someone to have the guts to grasp it.

Brexit & The Wealthy – A Leap Into The Unknown

In the meantime, what are the potential consequences of the vote for wealthy international individuals and their families? While it is very hard to say anything of any value as so much remains up in the air, in this alert we endeavour to identify a number of issues and their possible implications, with a view to considering these further over the months to come as matters become clearer.

UK decides to ‘Leave’ the EU

The British public voted on whether the UK should leave or remain within the European Union. With 51.9% voting to leave, and Cameron’s impending departure what does this all mean for the UK?

What ‘Brexit’ Could Mean For International Owners Of UK Property

With the referendum being held tomorrow (Thursday 23 June) to decide whether the United Kingdom should remain in or leave the European Union (EU), we highlight the possible implications for international owners of UK residential property.