The Top 5 Reasons To Consider Dual Citizenship


The Vision: Become a Global Citizen

#1 Freedom and Security

Every individual should be entitled to basic freedoms, without discrimination. These include, among others, freedom from degrading or unequal treatment, freedom of thought and of expression, and freedom of movement and travel. A second citizenship in a country that is committed to protecting the rights of its citizens, can ensure true freedom.

#2 Global Citizenship and Mobility

Leisure and business travel can be made easy, comfortable, and hassle-free with access to more than 100 nations, visa-free. Greater mobility does not merely impact one’s ability to visit sites and explore world-famous localities. For the busy business person this can mean an effective and efficient way of accessing new markets and business platforms.

#3 Family Protection, Education and Healthcare

A second citizenship can provide a safe haven in case of political instability, social unrest, and economic turmoil in one’s country of origin. This can be particularly important for the protection of loved ones. Dual citizenship can provide access to the world’s top-ranking education facilities in education and healthcare, a fact that appeals to both families, those in need of medical insistence or simple people planning for their retirement.

#4 Privacy

In certain countries, government intrusion has become increasingly heavy-handed, and has even been incorporated into law. Citizenship in a country that is respectful of confidentiality and personal affairs can help protect one’s privacy.

#5 Quality of Life in a Safe Haven

There are few places in the world that inspire serenity and encourage wellbeing as the Caribbean islands. To families looking for peace of mind, a second citizenship can offer this healthy, relaxing, and tranquil way of life. Above all, second citizenship is a means of finding a home, a place that is welcoming for the whole family. People would go almost anywhere to feel like they belong.

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